About Hawaiian Healing Arts

Lomilomi is a Holistic Healing Art rooted in Native Hawaiian Cultural beliefs and practices. It encompasses mind, body and spirit in both the giver and receiver. Lomilomi always begins with pule (prayer) and employs a wide variety of healing elements and techniques. A thorough assessment of the nature of the dysfunction is needed so the practitioner can determine a treatment plan. Some of these include: diet, health education, cleansing, fasting, exercise, steam, heat, la‘au lapa‘au (topical and oral medicinal herbs), ho‘oponopono (counseling, psychotherapy, reconciliation, forgiveness), massage, bathing in the sea, stream and sun, chiropractic manipulation and physical therapy. In traditional lomilomi, a treatment can last all day and can include steam, special meals, counseling, talk, release, and closure through ho‘oponopono. Often, in fact, a healing session began with a thorough investigation into the nature of the dysfunction as well as prayer, fasting and several sessions in a steam hut. Once the malady was identified, the treatment would often begin with heated stones and herbal poultices. Then the kahuna would massage and use particular lomilomi techniques.

While the benefits of a traditional day-long lomilomi treatment are profound, I prefer to do ninety minute Lomi sessions in my practice. People come to the Spa from all walks of life and not every individual is a good candidate for the intensity a day long session would entail. On the other hand, I find the standard hour long massage too limiting in time. With ninety minutes, I don’t feel rushed and I can connect and pay attention to what is really needed. There is time for an interview, assessment, and then, when finished, time for release and closure though discussion. Occasionally, when the need is great, I do specialty treatments that last two hours.

I always begin my lomi with a pule (prayer) that asks for divine protection, assistance, to restore and release what ever need be. Through out my session I am completely present with intuition, intention and reverence. I love each part/limb of their body as if I’m massaging and loving one of my family members. That love is then felt by the individual. The lomi movements I use employ the elbows, forearms, palms and knuckles in rhythmic, dance-like motions.

Hawaiian Healing Arts Resources

The following books are great resources for those interested in hawaiian healing arts.