About Suzanne “Kamaluhia” Woolley

Suzanne &rdquot;Kamaluhia&ldquot; Woolley

My healing arts philosophy

By living as righteously as I can and maintaining a balanced lifestyle, I am able to keep a clear channel to our creator. It is through this clear channel that Ke Akua (creator) touches the client/patient. My role in this is to stay open to the healing energy and let it guide my loving hands. Keeping pilikia (troubles / problems) out of my mind, body, and spirit facilitates this and helps our creator’s love to glow from within me so that I might reflect his love and inspire my client/patient to “surrender” to God’s love and to do the same.

My Approach

My approach is a straight reflection of my philosophy: I maintain my home, the Healing Arts Center, and the Spa as immaculate as I endeavor to keep my relationships, my “headspace” and my “heartspace”. This keeps me centered and allows the patient/client to sense this through my Ano (presence/continence/demeanor). This puts them at ease and allows for them to more readily share truthfully their mental, physical and spiritual burdens as they know them. Through pule (prayer) I humbly ask our creator to come in and do the healing. I use the confidence of my clinical medical massage training to reassure what I am doing while Ke Akua guides my hands.

How I treat a typical client is through joy of the spirit of aloha. I’m already assessing them when I greet them. I look at how they carry themselves and their response. I welcome them and ask several questions about why they’ve come to see me, injuries or surgeries that may have occurred, pain of any sorts, location and how they believe it happened. Depending upon their stay/visit and their commitment I ask about their emotional state. There are psycho emotional issues that affect the autonomic nervous response along with the emotional release. Stress, anger, resentment, hate, worry etc… (takes more energy to live negatively than to be positive!) These questions help me to help them. I also need to know if they see themselves in their perfect state of health and are committed to helping themselves get there.

My Respected Mentors

Aunty Mona Kapapaokeali‘ika‘alokai Kapule Kahele

My Hanai Mother (adopted spiritual) Aunty Mona Kapapaokeali‘ika‘alokai Kapule Kahele / Respected kupuna (elder) in the South Kona community carrying the kuleana (responsibility) of La‘au Lapa‘au (the use of Hawaiian medicinal plants and herbs), knowledge of the forest and all other aspects of the Natural World as they relate to the well-being of mind. She was a scribe and a Hawaiian Historian who memorized and kept notes of the stories and healing practices from her kupuna (elders) so that they would not be lost. She also knew Lomilomi and was taught directly from her great grandfather John Au (Tutu Au Ko’o). She was the keeper of the Hawaiian System of Ho’oponopono passed down from him. It is the Native Hawaiian process of reconciliation and forgiveness for self and others.

Aunty Margaret Kalehuamakanoelulu‘uonapali Machado

Aunty Margaret Kalehuamakanoelulu‘uonapali Machado. It is through Aunty Margaret’s efforts that Lomilomi was brought back into the fabric of modern Hawai‘i. Her efforts helped spark the resurgence of Native Hawaiian Healing. Most people hear about her name attached to Lomilomi as the teacher of people from all walks of life from around the World. Her “Ha” (spiritual responsibility passed on ritually) for Lomilomi was passed to her from her grandfather John Au (Tutu Au Ko‘o). She is my hanai mother’s blood Aunt. It is through the kokua of many of her principal disciples that I have “matriculated” into the Lomilomi practitioner I am today.

Aunty Mahealani Kua‘mo‘o

Aunty Mahealani Kua‘mo‘o, my Aloha Spirit Aunty. She is a teacher-messenger for spiritual voices of the ancestors. Teaching a form of Ho‘oponopono called Ho‘opono Ke Ala (making right more right the path).

Kumu Dane Kaohelani Silva

Kumu Dane Kaohelani Silva is a member of the Kupuna La‘au Lapa‘ai ‘O Hawai‘i. Growing up in the seaside community og Keaukaha, on the outskirts of Hilo, he was exposed to the wellness traditions and wisdom of Hawaiian elders. This led him into a long career in the field of healthcare as a teacher, massage therapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, herbalist, martial artist and traditional healer.

Aunty Jeanella Keopuhiwa

Kumu Jeanella K. Keopuhiwa, the director of Na Lima Aukahi, specializes in the traditional Hawaiian healing arts and is licensed by the State of Hawai'i Board of Massage. In the last decade, Kumu graduated from Auntie Margaret’s School of Lomilomi, where she was also trained to perform the Hawaiian Seawater Cleanse. Auntie Margaret told Kumu, “I want you to teach and spread the work at your hale in the rain forest. You are Lomilomi a me La’au Lapa’au.” Not knowing what the future held, she vowed to do just as she was instructed by her Kupuna.

Martyn Kahekili Carruthers

Martyn founded, develops and teaches his Soulwork Systemic Solutions. He helps people develop a sense of life by cleaning up emotional baggage and achieving relationship goals, which often includes helping other people (friends, partners, children, students, team members) achieve their goals.